Monday, March 1, 2010

Know Your Ground Transportation

Car Rental

For long trips in the car and out of town, may hire a car or car Rental. Another option for approval for one of the taxi or taxi which is usually found around busy areas such as community or market area where the road stops, but many drivers who operate at night flying hours without a compulsory license which is legally very risky. For rental cars and drivers are common in Indonesia, it usually has different levels for drivers in order within the city and the drivers for the purpose out of town. Usually for a rental car, rental service companies routinely conduct maintenance of their cars to remain competitive car.


Such taxis are widely used as well other city and all equipped with meter meter / meter tariff. Usually, taxi-cab has air conditioning, except for taxis for rent per hour.

Microlet / oplet / Bemo

This is a small bus, which can carry 10 passengers and crossed a certain line. This vehicle has a different title names in other cities, such as transportation in Central Java, Bemo in Bali. (Bemo in Jakarta is a smaller vehicle carrying 7 passengers).


Although most have a private vehicle, a stranger in some places such as near the beach in Bali or Yogyakarta can rent a bike and places frequented by foreigners, especially young children. Usually rates every day can be planned and it can be a big advantage where you can plan for long-distance travel during the day


Like a motorcycle, human-powered bicycles are usually available for rent in several places, especially in Yogyakarta where the bike became the main transportation, and also in Bali. You do not need a license to ride a bike.


Pedicab is the kind of real taxi poor people in Indonesia and even become gradually invisible in Jakarta and other big cities in Java. That is the description of examples of some popular transportation, where the acting does not have restrictions that affect them.


Motorcycle taxi bicycle or motorcycle passenger transportation system as a taxi. Passengers sit behind the driver, here they get the cheapest fare and the best of city transportation. Usually costs are much lower here than in Jakarta. Motorcycle taxi transport solution in a traffic jam, for example, for your important events, such as to attend the wedding, seminar design, or even in the office.


Delman no longer found in Jakarta. But elsewhere in Indonesia, especially in the small town, they make an important transportation tool. In some places in Indonesia, some using one horse, two-wheeled vehicles called buggy, wagon, one beside the passenger seat next to the driver and three behind.

Now that transportation becomes deserted in some areas, although in many cities, has many who have and prefer to operate a rickshaw because it's cheaper.